Wohnzimmerbout VIII


Game I: Berlin Bombshells C Team vs. Demolition Dolls Hannover

The first game during this home-event saw the Berlin Bombshells C Team take on the Demolition Derby Dolls from Hannover. Despite a clear Berlin advantage over Hannover, both teams gave their all until the last whistle. Berlin had already begun showing dominance at the halftime with the score at 116:48 for the Bombshells. However, Hannover fought hard and used every chance they got. Any time Berlin left the inside line open, Hannover was there to snatch it, bringing the point differential to only 41. Both teams had one player foul out of a relatively penalty-heavy game. Both jammers played musical chairs in the penalty box more than once. The game ended with 206:165 for the Bombshells C Team.

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Game II: Ingorious Bombshells vs. Crime City Rollers

In the second game of the day, the Inglorious Bombshells took on Crime City Rollers B Team from Malmö. Both teams offered up an exciting game in which each point was hard-won from the very beginning. In spite of Malmö’s nearly constant lead of 25 points, the Inglorious Bombshells closed the differential to a mere seven points before the halftime. The score was brought to 85:92 for Crime City just before the well-deserved break. The second half was just as exciting as the first – Berlin fought hard and earned a lead change soon after. Still, another lead change in jam 17 was decisive for Crime City, bringing the points to 154:149 for the Swedish team. In spite of points being scored on both sides, Malmö held lead and won the game with 210 points over Berlin’s 181.

The evening came to close with both teams and fans attending an afterparty in Facciola where the exciting and intense games were celebrated until the early hours of Sunday morning.


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