USA Tour

A dream come true: in September 2012 around 20 members of the Berlin league will have the chance to travel to the USA to experience American derby. We’ve been working hard for this for over 3 years!

Why the USA?

The US is the homeland of modern roller derby. The first team was founded in Austin, TX in 2003. Though that doesn’t sound very long ago, the Texas Rollergirls were the foundation of the sport- and continue to be a legend and an inspiration for derby girls worldwide.

What will we do there?

We would like to jump our borders and challenge some of the strongest teams of the east coast. After London, we will be only the second European team to even attempt such a thing. As anyone who has seen the London Rollergirls play could tell you- they are amazing, and we would like to count ourselves at their level!

Sept 14th: Scrimmage with Long Island
Sept 15th: Scrimmage Gotham Girls Roller Derby
Sept 17th – 19th: training and scrimmage, Charm City
Sept 22nd: Sanctioned Bout against DC Rollergirls
Sept 23rd: Sanctioned Bout against Philly Rollergirls
Sept 25th – 26th: Training with Philly Roller Girls

What can you expect from this trip?

The Berlin fans can look forward to a fantastic 2013 season. Aside from the progress we hope to make as a team, we are sure to strengthen our friendships with the teams across the pond. And of course our new friends will be invited to come visit us in Berlin! I’m sold!

What help do the Bombshells need?

Unfortunately, a 2-week tour for 20 people across a good part of the East Coast doesn’t come cheap. Every one of us has to dig deep into our pockets (and under the couch cushions!) to be able to afford such an experience. If you would like to contribute to the success of this monumental undertaking, we would be grateful for your donations! Some examples of how you can support us:

10 € – a case of soda for the whole team!
25 € – a train ticket from Washington DC to Baltimore!
50 € – a night in an 8-bed room in a hostel!
100 € – tasty fast-food for the whole team!
500 € – a round-trip flight from Berlin for your favorite player!


Give us your address, and we’ll be sure to send you a thank-you postcard when we get there!

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