Roll Britannia – erstes europäisches Derby Turnier

Europe’s First Roller Derby Tournament
Hosted by the London Roller Girls

As soon as we finished our first Bout we were hungry for more, we couldn’t wait to play again.  Thankfully the London Roller Girls were busy planning Roll Britannia. As one of the final two teams to be added to the roster, the Bombshells packed their bags to London.


With only one game under our belts, no one from the other teams knew what to expect. We brought our game, our professionalism and our heart, turning a few heads and making the other european teams take notice.

Our first game was against the Birmingham Blitz Derby Dames’ Brummie Bombshells, one of Europe’s veteran teams. Fighting hard and never giving up the Berlin Bombshells played a great game, never giving Birmingham the edge.  The final score 112-93 for Birmingham was differential success for Berlin.

After a short rest and the chance to see some more roller derby action the Bombshells were back on the track. This time against the Leeds Roller Dolls. A great team and fun game, both teams fought and the Berlin Bombshells had their first win with 103-93.

Huge thanks to LRG for putting so much time and effort into making the event happen. To Birmingham and Leeds for playing such great games and all our supporters who made the trip, pushed our merch, and lost their voices on the side lines.

Dritte Soli-Party

The Berlin Bombshells 3rd Soli Party, to celebrate the success of our first Bout and get everyone together for a good time before we geared up for the Roll Britannia Tournament. Hosted by Cortina Bob we rocked the bar with three bands of three different varieties. Diving for Sunken Treasure started off the night and had everyone dancing to hardcore rock and roll bluegrass. Onkel Berni hit the stage next with a techno rap set and the show finished with Das Gedärm up to their old tricks.

Thanks to everyone who showed up to drink a beer and buy some merch. And especially to Dorle for making the whole event a piece of cake!

Erstes, deutsches Roller Derby Spiel

Berlin Bombshells (90) vs. the Stuttgart Valley Rollergirlz (96)

Hosted by our Verein, the incredible Lurich e.V., the Bombshells made roller derby history. The first inner german roller derby game was played in Kreuzberg-Berlin. The Stuttgart Valley Rollergirlz (SVRG) was supported in their roster by members of the Hamburg Harbor Girls.

Unsure if the weather would affect the turnout, we were pleasantly surprised. A line went out the door into the pouring rain and public couldn’t wait to get inside and see the action. The hall was packed and sold out! With a limited number of tickets to sell we had to turn hundreds away.

The crowd was magnetic and with the help of our fantastic moderator, Janeq, they developed a better understanding of the game as the periods past and with the final jams neck and neck you could cut the tension with a knife.

It was exciting, fast, emotional, and a total blast! With our entire league experiencing its first we played a great game and a close match against SVRG with a final point differential of only 6 points, 90-96 with SVRG as the winners. Until next time…..

We cannot say thank you enough to all the people who put in their time and effort to make this a success. We couldn’t have had a more flawless event and you help us make it happen. Thank you and we hope you had as much fun as we did!

Zweite Soli Party

Having learned a lot at practice and ready to show off what we could do we figured, ‘Hey, it’s time to throw another party’. The Tommy Haus was the location for the Bombshells 2nd Soli Party.  Ludwig Van, Chief Chung, and Das Gedärm lead the line.

Several members of the Bremen Meatgrinders came down just to show their support. A couple bouts of wrestling in front of the stage with them definitely helped to liven the party.

In our efforts to keep educating the public and fans about our sport, the Bombshells did for the first time a short exhibition about the rules of the game and crowd ate it up. Especially when we blocked into them and gave a taste of what was to come.

We would like to thank everyone who made it out to help make our party a success.

Berlin Bombshells erste Soli-Party

Our first Soli Party at Casseopia is still one people are talking about. With five bands and five Djs the night was PACKED with music and did we have a great turnout!

Die Toten Crackhuren started the night off in proper Roller Derby style as 12, count em 12, ladies jumped around the stage and acted the fool. That’s almost a full bout roster! Minus Apes took the stage second with some great hardcore music. Die Michael Dudikoffs were up next followed by Kotzreiz and finally Das Gedärm.

The we all hit the dancefloor with our Djanes: Rollergirlz Disco Team, Shitty Beetle, Dick and Durstig, and Spincup.  Buttons were handed out at the door and Berlin started Roller Derby 101.

Big thanks to all the people who can to support us and help us get rolling! We could not have done it without you!

Rolling in Berlin since 2008