Roller Derby ABC

Short and sweet:

A team sport on skates played in counter-clockwise direction on an oval track.

The rules

Two teams compete. Five from 14 players on each team are on track. One of the players is in charge of scoring the points (the jammer) – she has to pass the opponents as often as possible during a timeframe of 2 minutes. For each passed opponent she gains one point. The other players (the blockers) glide slowly or at a middle pace and try to prevent the opposing jammer from scoring or try to help out their own jammer. Legal contact is limited to hips, shoulders and the front of the body. Some illegal moves include holding, pushing with the elbow, tripping and back blocks.

Each team can switch their 5 players after the conclusion of the 2 minutes. The game consists of two 30-minute periods.

The Women‘s Flat Track Association, a voluntary association of teams from all over the world, regulates the sport.

The philosophy

Since about 2000 Roller Derby has developed as a female dominated amateur sport. The teams place great value on administrating themselves. That means each player has to fulfil committee work aside from regular training.

The teams form a tight community and the sport is developing as something “from skaters for skaters”.

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