From Champs to WET and back


Two weeks ago we came back to Berlin after getting BRONZE at the WFTDA Championships in Nashville, Tennessee. Last weekend we headed to Malmö playing the 2014 WFTDA European Tournament (WET). It’s now the end of the year and we wanna thank you for all the support and the cheering you all gave us on our intense adventures this year!
Placing 2nd at the WFTDA Division 2 Playoffs in Kitchener, Canada, we qualified for Champs this year and had to pack our gear once again to hit America for the third time this year. Competing for the bronze medal in this year’s D2 championship, who would have thought this.

On Oktober 30th, almost everyone of the small Berlin roster (this time we we were ten) has arrived in Nashville. In the evening the Nashville Rollergirls were so kind to invite us to scrimmage them at their training venue. Due to our small numbers of players we borrowed some of their players and had a lot of fun that night.


On the next morning we headed to the venue for the opening ceremony which felt kind of awkward being the smallest team again among all of these awesome D1 and D2 teams. Since it was not only day one of the tournament but also Halloween, we went back to the hotel to dress up as „Ze Tschermäns“, headed back to the venue and watched some of the great tournament games.

Early saturday morning we played a non-public bout against the winner of the D2 Duluth Playoffs and well, it wasn’t our best game. Detroit took us like they’ve taken all of the other D2 teams in their playoffs and showed that their place was in D1.


Despite the loss we crawled ourselves together, figured out what to improve on the next day and were ready to go in our final game against Sin City Rollergirls from Las Vegas. This game was incredible tight – an on and off for both teams. But as you might already know we’re pretty good at tight games, giving our fans the usual heart attacks. So it came up to the last jam deciding who will get the medals. And BAM! we won by one point!


Being back in Europe, we geared up last weekend to play at WET in Malmö, Sweden, facing Rainy City, Stockholm and Helsinki Roller Derby. There was a lot of awesome European roller derby going on in Sweden. In our first game Rainy City Roller Girls from Manchester gave us a tough fight and earned every point against us, but in the end we won. Four hours later we faced Stockholm Roller Derby, a team we have already seen performing amazing at the Beach Brawl in spring this year. We know that this would be one of the hardest games we had this year and we couldn’t hold up to their solid walls, their consistent offense and their incredible jammers. Stockholm’s Lil’ Slinky also earned All-Tournament MVP of WET. They beat us by 226:137. Sunday noon it was time for playing Helsinki Roller Derby All-Stars, a team we’ve never played before. Helsinki came also up with a strong jammer rotation, including tournaments best Jammer MVP Pygmy, challenging our walls and taking every hole we gave them. Our jammers had a lot more to struggle with while our defense was disturbed by Helsinki’s blockers. They took the well earned win by 81 points.

To say it with the words of our beloved Masterblaster:
We ARE WFTDA. We ARE European Roller Derby. We ARE dedicated to correct worldwide rankings. We ARE proud to put our play against our fellow Euro teams and may the best team win. And they did.

It was a tough derby year for the Berlin Bombshells. So once again thank you to all our fans and supporters, everyone who donated for our trips. Thanks for all the cheering and holding up to us. We are grateful to everyone of you!

More pictures of the bout against Sin City Roller Girls by Steve Jurkovic are available here.

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