Berlin vs. Stockholm, Porto and Barcelona


In spite of a delay of several hours at Berlin’s airport, every member of Bear City Roller Derby’s A team, the Berlin Bombshells, made it to beautiful Stockholm on friday. Here, the Bombshells met Stockholm Roller Derby’s A team on saturday, 6th of june. Stockholm fought their way to become the 31st team in the world rankings and is now playing in the WFTDA’s division 1. So, it was clear from the beginning that playing this game would not be a piece of cake. Although the first two jams appeared to be even, the Swedes’ superiority became apparent in the following jams. The lead jammer status was mostly gained by Stockholm Roller Derby, who always ended the jams just after Berlin completed their initial pass. In summary, it was a game comprised of many short jams where the majority of points was gained by Stockholm. But even if Stockholm Roller Derby clearly won the game with a final score of 319 to 176, the Berlin Bombshells were the winner of the after bout party without doubt.

Just a week later things got a little hot in Berlin. Two teams from the Iberian Peninsula came to play against the Inglorious Bombshells (B team) and the C team of BCRD. In the first game the C team played against Roller Derby Porto. Unfortunately, there was little that Berlin’s defense could do against the Portuguese jammers, so that Porto could score points one by one. Berlin had problems to stand up to the experienced Portuguese team in the second half, too. With a final score of 86 to 271, victory was earned by Roller Derby Porto. The C team was happy after this straining match nevertheless and cheered together with the winning team.

For the second game Inglorious Bombshells faced Barcelona Roller Derby. In contrast to the first match, Berlin dominated this game from the start. Stable defensive formations and strong jammers could easily compete with Barcelona, so that the lead jammer status was obtained by Berlin most of the time. Until the end of the first period, the Inglorious Bombshells could work out a differential of 60 points with a score of 98 to 38 at half time. But the Spanish players returned from the half time break strengthened and with new energy. The Inglorious Bombshells however could not continue their success during the second period. Berlin visited the penalty box too often and thus enabled the team from Barcelona to score more and more points. There were only 8 minutes left in the game to play when Barcelona gained the lead for the first time with a score of 151 to 149 points. Fortunately, a second lead change followed after four very exciting minutes and the Inglorious Bombshells could establish their lead until the final whistle. With a final score of 180 to 168 for Berlin, another thrilling Roller Derby game ended.


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