EROC 2015 Recap


This year’s EROC was four whole days of the development of our beloved roller derby, with an emphasis on the sport in Europe. 64 leagues from 18 countries came together to discuss the the future of European derby and its organization.

Instead of focusing on bringing each country’s leagues together, this year’s aim was to bring European derby together as a whole. One decisive result from the conference was the widespread agreement of moving in the direction of a European umbrella organization. This type of organization would be able to lay the groundwork for roller derby all over Europe, as well as further strengthening the ability for intercontinental play.



Thursday and Friday featured workshops at the conference. During these six workshops, which were three focused hours each, session leaders like Endless Justin and the dudes from DSA shared their expertise with attendees. Highlights included the meet and greet at Facciola on Thursday and the Roll*Line equiment workshop at QUAD, along with the opening party in Edelweiß on Friday night.




As in previous years, Saturday and Sunday were full of hour-long sessions with speakers like WFTDA representatives Alassin Sane, Bloody Mary, and Pantichrist; as well as derby greats like Cherry Fury, Iron Monger, and Bob Noxious. A total of 49 sessions filled these two days. EROC 2015’s high point was the Saturday night bout between the Legends and the Veterans, followed by a scrimmage on Sunday in which attendees could sign up and join to also get on the track.



We want to thank Peter and Karin from the SC Lurich 02 e.V., our sponsors QUAD Shop, Faster Skates, Roll*Line, Cooper’s Cider, and Starcar rentals, along with our amazing photographer, Michael Wittig.

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