Recap of the D2 Playoffs in Kitchener


We’re slowly coming back down to earth after getting Silver at the D2 Playoffs in Kitchener. We finally have the time (and the energy) to thank you for all the support and the cheering you all gave us on our incredible adventure!

Our Cinderella story started with our participation at the Beach Brawl Tournament in Florida last April, that propelled us from #137 to #61 in the WFTDA rankings, allowing us to qualify for the D2 Playoffs.
In early July we had to make the decision whether to go with a reduced roster or decline the invitation altogether. The opportunity was too big to let slip, so we foolishly said yes: Let’s not only represent Bear City but the whole european Roller Derby community across the ocean!

On August 20th, eleven Berlin Bombshells landed on Canadian soil.
Being low-seeded (9th out of 10) we had to play for one of the two extra games of the tournament. We opened the event together with #8 seed, Demolition City Roller Derby and won the game (180:177)!
The upper table presented us with a second challenge only a few hours later, against our friendly rivals, DC Rollergirls, who’d beaten us by a whisker in April. We won it (166:156), we had beaten the #1 seed!
There we were, in the semi-finals against the Killamazoo Derby Darlins. Guess what? We won again (232:185)! That meant we got to play in the finals! That also meant that we had already secured our place for the championships.
Unfortunately we didn’t win the finals against the Rideau Valley Vixens (240:243) but came damn close!

Good things always come in three: qualifying for the championships means we’ll be putting on our cowboy boots and heading down to Nashville, Tennessee from Oct. 31 to Nov. 2!

Thanks again for backing us!

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