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EROC 2019: 30 seconds!


Bear City Roller Derby is pleased to announce the beginning of the ticket sale for the 2019 edition of The European Roller Derby Organizational Conference (EROC)!

Where: Berlin
When: January 31st (Thursday) until February 3rd (Sunday) 2019
What: Workshops on Thursday 31st & Friday 1st — Sessions on Saturday 2nd & Sunday 3rd

This year’s EROC is one day longer! That means more time, more sessions, more workshops, more sharing, meeting, networking and brainstorming, and more skating!

We will approach a broad range of topics — covering every aspect of our community as usual — with special attention paid to how to make every single one of them inclusive.

Workshops and sessions will also be longer, so we will have more time to exchange ideas. We will also be including a Q&A at the end of every session to get the most out of each one.

EROC 2019 is 8 workshops and 20 sessions on…

    • Inclusive practices and accessibility
    • Whipping your finances into inclusive shape
    • Inclusive officiating behaviour and mindset
    • Low level harassment, aggression, consent, bystanders behaviour
    • Officiating crew selection process. Sexism and discrimination
    • Junior derby
    • Open divisions and all-gender roller derby
    • Coaching qualification
    • Organisations psychology and sports psychology
    • Longevity and building on experience
    • Long lasting officiating
    • Bout preparation: statistics and data analysis

…to name a few.


  • Round table: NGBs / National Teams and Governing Bodies
  • The first WFTDA European Continental Cup feedback experience and better practises by the Blitz Dames, Birmingham
  • Encounter with Skateistan: Best practices exchange on girls’ empowerment


  • A League Fair: A space where leagues can present themselves and their merchandising during the weekend! Start by renting a stand (ask us!) where attendees can meet and greet your league.
  • On Saturday we will host the EROC ALL STARS SCRIMMAGE for anybody who wants to meet on track! (sign up here!)
  • On Sunday you can participate in Chicks in Bowls beginners’ sessions to learn how to approach bowls and take on the skate park! (sign up here!)
  • And of course there will be get-together parties! Casual drinks on Thursday and serious dancing on Saturday!

EROC is happy to host a 2-day WFTDA Officiating Clinic on Saturday & Sunday, with sessions open for EROC attendees.

Are you convinced? The Super Early Bird Sale starts NOW and runs until December 31st

We also propose Soliprice tickets to those who need it. Tell us why inclusion is important to you and how you are going to bring these ideas back to your league and we will list you for a Soliprice ticket offered by BCRD!

EROC 2019 attendees: 5 seconds!

EROC 2019

EROC 2019 Banner



The European Roller Derby Organizational Conference (EROC) was started in 2009 to give European roller derby leagues an opportunity to come together, work through the issues that affect them most and share vision, intentions and knowledge. Since its founding, EROC has continued to grow and innovate as an organization. EROC 2019 will follow through in its mission of shaping together European Roller Derby.


Roller derby is a sport where the support comes from the skater, for the skater, by the skater. As the global systems develop, we believe that it is critical that every member of the Derby community has the opportunity to be informed about the elements at play, ask questions, bring their vision foreword. EROC offers this important platform to the entire European Roller Derby community.


The original goal of our exchange at EROC was to help leagues in shaping the evolution of their sport on the European continent and to represent the interests of their membership. In addition to facilitating discussion, the conference also provides an informational platform to assist leagues in their continuing individual, organizational and structural development. As a supplement to the WFTDA Annual Meeting, the EROC Conference provides an important platform for the European Contingent. In our role as representatives of European roller derby within the WFTDA, some of the key issues include the training and support of organizations within the WFTDA as well as establishing better understanding of our needs as an association.

Since its founding, there have been a number of recent milestones within EROC. In 2013 and 2014, the mandate was implemented to create national roller derby organizations within Europe. The years 2014 and 2015 were fruitful years in assisting the growth of national organizations in most European countries. Additionally, the national bodies were busy and are pleased with the product of their joint efforts: The European Roller Derby Association.

EROC 2016 introduced a number of changes in response to the previous years’ development and skater feedback. It expanded the workshop selection over the course of the conference and gave leagues and their representatives the opportunity to really dive into the material presented by workshop leaders, instead of just skimming over it. A further change seen at EROC 2016 was in the structure of the discussion sessions. The goal of EROC 2016 was to create real transparency and understanding for each league about who is doing what where in European and Global roller derby while, at the same time, providing real learning experiences for every level of league. EROC 2017 worked on developing even more new sessions and innovative workshops to inspire leagues and skaters alike.

We decided to take a pause for one year to give ourselves the time to reflect upon the cogent and actual necessities, topics and issues of European Roller Derby now and to organize an always more inclusive conference.


As always in Roller Derby, EROC is a tool and it will only function well if it can be utilized – by you! It’s your event and it should have the best agenda you could imagine. To be able to weave in your ideas and thoughts, we would like to ask you to fill out this survey . It doesn’t matter whether or not you participated in the previous editions of EROC, or whether you’re thinking about joining us in 2019, every feedback is important for us. It won’t take long and it would be really helpful to us!! Please fill it out to help make EROC an event that is by Skaters for Skaters.

Save the date +++ EROC 2019 +++ 31/01-03/02/2019 +++ You don’t want to miss it!

Check this Facebook Page regularly to get the latest updates on EROC 2019!

EROC 2015 Recap


This year’s EROC was four whole days of the development of our beloved roller derby, with an emphasis on the sport in Europe. 64 leagues from 18 countries came together to discuss the the future of European derby and its organization.

Instead of focusing on bringing each country’s leagues together, this year’s aim was to bring European derby together as a whole. One decisive result from the conference was the widespread agreement of moving in the direction of a European umbrella organization. This type of organization would be able to lay the groundwork for roller derby all over Europe, as well as further strengthening the ability for intercontinental play. Read more →

Roller Derby Konferenz Recap!

A total of 81 leagues from 15 countries all over Europe took part in this year’s EROC. The conference has been going strong for the last four years in Berlin, and has been organized by Bear City Roller Derby. During the two-day event, skaters and officials met to discuss the future of roller derby in Europe.


Roller girls, officials, and for the first time, roller guys also attended the 43 workshops to talk about roller derby in general and also on a topic-specific basis. Some sessions were divided to cater to beginner, intermediate and experienced leagues, while others were conducted per nationality for other discussions. Leagues from individual countries were given a platform with which organization and development of roller derby in their nations could be openly discussed. Other workshops focused on themes like sponsoring, mental coaching, league organization, equipment and nutrition.  Two guests graced our European shores for EROC 2013 after a hop across the pond to talk about WFTDA and the new rules set: Bloody Mary and PantiChrist, who both held Q&As for workshop participants. Officials also enjoyed various workshops on such topics as bout preparation for officials, officiating codes of conduct, as well as NSO training and development.


EROC 2013 began on Friday night that weekend, and workshops weren’t the only reason for excitement, of course everyone had been looking forward to the opening party in Edelweiß for a long time. Everybody danced, chatted, and made merry, and more or less made it (in some cases, directly from the party) to registration and breakfast the next morning. From there, the entirety of the attending derby community went to take part in their various sessions. The conference rooms were named after the Jackson Five: Michael, Tito, Jermaine, Marlon and Jackie, in hopes of there being enough space for workshops to be conducted congruously. One session came after another each day, from morning till evening, with longer breaks set aside for lunch where everyone could come together and talk about the sessions already attended and which ones they might head to next.

EROC ended on Sunday afternoon with a brilliant scrimmage in which all roster limitations for skaters and officials were done away with and (we hope) everyone had a great time!

EROC: Roller Derby Konferenz

1-3 February 2013 in Berlin, Germany

We are SUPER STOKED to host the 2013 European Roller Derby Organizational Conference (EROC). This conference was started in 2009, as an opportunity for European Leagues to come together for face to face discussion and planning. There has been SO much growth and change in the past year we are excited to bring everyone together again and find out where our common passion is taking us.

All European Leagues are welcome to attend, regardless of whether you’ve been around for 5 years or 5 months!

Find out more about schedule, registration, fees and deadlines.

E.R.O.C 2012 Roller Derby Konferenz

We are back again after another year and as no other league/team has stepped forward we are SUPER STOKED to host the 2012 European Roller Derby Organizational Conference.  There has been SO much growth and change in 2011 that I’m sure a touch base is just what we need to figure out where we are going and how.

A little ‘history’ on the event itself:

In 2009, London Rollergirls held Roll Britannia and it became clear that European Roller Derby was an entity in and of itself. Bear City Roller Derby has since then taken the initiative to try to pull Europe’s Leaders together to start defining what that entity really is about. What are the goals, challenges, ideals, dreams, struggles, needs, wants…… you get the point.

In 2009 we hosted the first conference, which resembled a very low budget sitting circle, joining 30 attendees from 12 Leagues from 6 different countries. was born out of this meeting, along with a basis for who was out there and what were they doing.

In 2011, we had all grown and had things to talk about.  The meeting swelled to over 100 attendees from over 25 leagues from 12 different countries. We set some goals, got to know each other, had some great training sessions, and moved another step forward in Euro-Derby progression.

The 2012 Conference will yet again be held in beautiful Berlin on January 27-29, 2012. While the schedule is not yet set and conference sessions are not yet known, we wanted to give everyone as much notice as possible to pencil those dates in!

Here are a couple details to look for:

1. Please fill out the poll for session ideas and feel free to make any suggestions you can think of to make this conference more relevant for your league. This Poll will last through 31st of October.

2. After the Poll is closed the registration materials will be made available on the 1st of November.  All registration materials and conference fees will be due by the 20th of November. All registration confimation will be sent out no later than 30th of November.

3. A facebook site will be created for attendee questions, documents, planning etc.

4. In previous years we have not limited the number of representatives each league/team has been permitted to bring.  This year we will limit the attendees to 4 skaters/organizers per league. Referees are NOT considered a part of this 4 and are encouraged to register separate from their league.

Whew…. You guys are great! As always we are eternally grateful (in advance) for everyones patience in all processes.

See you soon!

Master Blaster

Nachbericht: European Roller Derby at EROC

Roller derby in Europe put its best skate forward December 4-6 during the first-ever European Roller Derby Organizational Conference (EROC), hosted by Bear City Roller Derby.

The 10 attending leagues – Amsterdam Derby Dames, Auld Reekie Roller Girls, Barock City Roller Derby, Bear City Roller Derby, Central City Roller Girls, Copenhagen Roller Derby, Essen Devil Dolls, Gent GoGo Girls, Meatgrinders Bremen and Stuttgart Valley Roller Girlz – came together for a weekend full of derby-related discussion, touching on everything from the 2010 game schedule to league dynamics.

And of course, no roller derby event would be complete without a game. Sunday’s black and white scrimmage, which gave skaters an opportunity to mix it up on the track, was yet another reminder of why we love this game so much athleticism, fun and community.

Bear City can’t thank league representatives enough for making the trip out to Berlin and for bringing their passion for this amazing sport to the discussion sessions. The weekend wouldn’t have been such a success without its participants!

European Roller Derby Organizational Conference (EROC) 2009

Hosted by the Berlin Bombshells

Calling all Derby fiends!

After what was no doubt, an incredibly successful tournament in London (thanks again LRG), we believe it is time to get organized.

Berlin will host what we hope will become a yearly event: EROC, the first European Rollerderby Organizational Conference. This meeting will be a gathering of all league leaders in Europe, from coaches and managers to officials and moderators. The more leagues we have represented the better we can all get on the same page regarding where, when and how we would like to bring our sport forward.

During the weekend of December 4-6, EROC is planning to include group conferences, scheduling, planning forums, Q&A sessions, and of course a little friendly game play. Please go to and sign up for membership on the message board. This is the best way for us to find out exactly what everyone is thinking about and plan the weekend accordingly.

Again that link is

Details and website are soon to come.

We hope to see you all there!