Berlin vs. Munich & Berlin vs. Amsterdam

Living room bout VI 14.06.2014


On Sunday the odds stood in derbys favor with not one but two bouts taking place in our living room. During the first match we saw our C-Team take on the Munich Rolling Rebels and during the second game our Inglorious Bombshells faced off against the Amsterdam Derby Dames.

Our C-Team made their entrance to the beat of drums and roaring applause. Having been established almost a year ago and this being their second official game, our C-Team players had the chance to prove what they are capable of and showcase themselves as the worthy opponents they have developed into.
After a scoreless first jam for both teams, the Munich Rolling Rebels managed to gain the lead on the second jam. During the 7th jam Ann T. Matter scored the first four points for the Berlin C-Team, leaving the unfettered lead jammer status of the Munich Rolling Rebels momentarily behind. Berlin set up chase to make up for points and managed to score 24 of them by the end of the 14th jam, almost catching up to the Munich players who were leading with 26. But then Ima Handful from Munich appeared: Berlin succeeded in gaining lead jammer status during the 21st jam, but lost it due to a forearms penalty committed by their jammer. This allowed Ima Handful to score a total of 24 points and almost double the point difference between both teams: 44 vs. 90. Munich maintained the lead for the remainder of the first period and the teams entered halftime with 62 points against 115 in Munich´s favor.

The first jam of the second period went well for the Berliners: Sabi Smackdown got lead immediately, raking in 5 points and calling off the jam before Munich even had a chance to score. But while the Munich players consistently scored points, the Berliners found themselves first gaining momentum during the 8th jam. The Berlin jammers Sabi Smackdown and Samsalabim became leads during various jams and scored point after point. But suddenly it appeared that the 1st periods 21st jam was repeating itself: the Berlin jammer landed in the box during the 13th jam and yet again it was Ima Handful who took the opportunity to score 25 points for Munich. The score afterwards: 88 vs. 177. Even though Berlin managed to gain lead jammer status one time more than Munich during the second period, but were unable to catch up because of the opponents point advantage. So the Munich Rolling Rebels continued their winning streak and walked out as the well deserved champions of the game with a final score of 120 vs. 234.
Munich´s Ima Handful and Berlin´s Sabi Smackdown won the awards for best jammers, Pussy Riot (Munich) and Jäzz A´Belle (Berlin) were each chosen as best blockers and the title of “Coolest bitch on track” went to Munich´s Betty Beezare and the Berliner PaineloPixie.

The second game did not prove to be any quieter. Not only was it a face-off between the teams, but also between their fans, who made their presence known through sound. Between their cheers and songs the first period appeared to be very even. Both teams fought hard for every point scored so that by halftime the difference lay in only one single point. The Amsterdam Derby Dames scored 69 points while our Inglorious Bombshells reached 68.
After the break, which was filled with dance performances from Berlins mascot and the Bombshells A-Team, the second halftime proved to be as exciting as the first one. The Amsterdam Dames managed to create a gap in the score not only because they got lead jammer status more often than Berlin, but because they were able to score numerous points due to some power jams in their favor. In the end the Amsterdam Derby Dames succeeded in winning the game with 157 vs. 112 points.
The awards for best Dutch jammer and blocker went to Ezekiel and Furrrocious respectively. For the Inglorious Bombshells the award for best jammer ended up with Die-Na-Mighty, Ethyl Trash took home the title of best blocker and the “Coolest bitch on track” award ended up in Mia Missiles well deserving hands.

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