Berlin vs. Hamburg

To end the Roller derby season, Harbor Girls’ Sea Gals (Hamburg B-team) hosted a Nikolaus-themed bout. The fans were dressed accordingly in Santa-accessories and the gym hall in St. Pauli was totally packed. It did not take long until the hamburg fans’ notorious glitter rain was pouring down over the audience. But Berlin Bombshells C-team did bring a treat of their own during team introduction: a super talented Bear mascot, whose cartwheels and dance moves woke up the fully seated arena.



So did the atmosphere land on top, when it was time for the first whistle of the bout to go off. The first half of the first period showed very even scores. The two teams were never far away from each other pointwise. This first period had only short and intense jams, while both jammers often got out from the packs soon after one other.

If someone can turn around a game with a single jam showing, it’s our double-threat skater Judy Gorilla. In the 15th minute of the game she lined up as a jammer for the first time in the bout, what seemingly brought the Hamburg pack out of their built up comfort. What on the contrary only energized the Berlin pack, as they managed to keep the Hamburg jammer behind. 19 points were collected, and the first visible lead for Berlin was built.

Strong appearances from the jammers Jane van Pain and Nano Nancy together with a ruthless pack work from the Berlin blockers brought the game to a halftime score of 47:98, in Berlin Bombshells C-team’s advantage.


In the second period did Berlin Bombshells hold on to the lead and managed to make the points differential wider. The Hamburg side seemed to have some holes in their walls, due to some penalty issues. That made it possible for the Berlin Bombshells to steadily continue with their play, up until the last minutes of the bout when also Berlin seemed to get into some penalty trouble. Hamburg were fast to use this opportunity to their advantage, and so they managed to tight up the points differential up to the very end.
Final score: 139:185 for Berlin C-team.

At the afterparty following awards were handed out to the Berlin Bombshells team: “Best Blocker”: Jäzz A’ Belle – “Best Jammer”: Jane Van Pain – “Most Valuable Player”: Liebe Linn.


All pictures by Stefan Groenveld.

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