Berlin vs. Glasgow and Berlin vs. Tenerife


A lot has been going on with BCRD in the last month, the A and B teams have played some important games. BCRD’s B Team, the Inglorious Bombshells, played against Tenerife Roller Derby on the sunny island on April 11th. Unfortunately, the team did not pull through in the end to win the game but lost by only one nine points with 145 to Tenerife’s 154.


The Berlin Bombshells A Team enjoyed having the home turf advantage of playing in front of Berlin fans at Arena Berlin after a year-long break from the venue. Our old friends Glasgow Roller Derby came to town for the game. It was instantly easy to see that both teams were relatively matched in strength. Neither team scored more than 100 points in the first halftime. During the first half the Berlin Bombshells took lead with 60 points to Glasgow’s 30. In the second half however, Glasgow gained ground making it another one of Berlin’s typically exciting games where both teams fight for each and every point. It is unusual to see two minute jams in modern roller derby where lead jammer is not assigned because both jammers are still being held by such well constructed defense formations from the opposing team, but this was the case several times during this game. In the end, the Bombshells did not disappoint their fans at Arena with a winning score of 152 over Glasgow’s 116.


Photos by Michael Wittig (Berlin Bombshells vs. Glasgow Roller Derby) and Ventura Mendoza (Inglorious Bombshells vs. Tenerife Roller Derby)

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