Berlin Bombshells vs. Kallio Rolling Rainbow

Living room bout V 12.04.2014


Last weekend the Berlin Bombshells welcomed an opponent to a living room bout for the first time this season.
This time our guests were the girls from Kallio Rolling Rainbow from Helsinki.
KRR was facing off against the ladies from the Berlin A-Team, who are training hard for the Beach Brawl International Tournament in beautiful Florida.

Last year both teams were able to win their respective national championships.
The Berlin Bombshells showed up with 4 jammers, while Helsinki brought 3.
The bout had a hectic start for Berlin, with 3 of the Bombshells jammers landing in the penalty box during the first 10 minutes of the game. Kallio, on the other hand, played very calmly and effectively held back our jammer during a power jam in our favor. This power jam proved to be enough though to motivate the Berliners to gain the lost points and even out the score. 25:26 for Kallio. But Kallios jammers remained focused and ran laps around the Bombshells, while our own jammers faced a struggle exiting the pack. The score is 25:45 for Kallio. Berlin slowly started catching up to the point lead.

Time out for Berlin.
Berlin took care of delivering a very exciting first period. Typical Bombshells! The jammers from both teams took turns with lead jammer status. It was a thrilling first half where Kallio dominated a bit more, although in the end they did lose some points.
During the break the score is at 95:80 for the Berlin Bombshells. Kallio´s support system consisted of only a handful of fans, but they managed to rock the sports hall anyways!

After a well-deserved break the game continued as exciting as it had started. Already in the first jam Kallio gained lead jammer status but had to call it off because the Berlin jammer was hot on her heels. Kallio seemed to be getting tired and Berlin brought a strong defense that continued draining the Kallio Rolling Rainbow jammer´s strength.
Time out for Kallio.


The finnish players managed to catch up a bit in points because the Berlin jammers ended up in the penalty box two times in a row. The score is 136:120 for Berlin. And yet again another Berlin jammer had to make her way to the box because of a back block. Kallio caught up and took a small lead over Berlin. 136:140 for Kallio. It turned into a tough battle for both sides with constant catching up, passing and overtaking. The leader in points switched between both teams.
Then came a short interruption. Paulina Pocket of the Berlin Bombshells had injured herself. The jam had to be called off. It was the 10th jam from the second period. Everybody took a short breath, nothing bad happened!
Slowly it was becoming critical. A Berlin jammer landed in the box again, alongside 2 other Berlin blockers. Kallio had all players on track while Berlin sparkled with penalties. The score is 166 to 186 for Kallio.
At this point also the Berlin fans were awake and cheering their team on full force! There was an official time out. Directly afterwards, a Kallio jammer ended up in the box, which allowed the Berliners to catch up in points. Now the score is just 180:186 for Kallio.

After this the Kallio jammers started to end up in the box regularly, having to sit out penalties 3 times in a row.
Time out Kallio. The score is 202 for Berlin and 186 for Helsinki. And another Berlin jammer landed swiftly in the box. 205:195 for Berlin.
But close to the end the Bombshells managed to regain their focus and score point after point. The Kallio Rolling Rainbow jammers were struggling and couldn´t get through the Berlin walls, preventing them from scoring any points. Berlin effortlessly ran lap after lap taking in all the points! Even though Kallio didn´t give up the end result is 256:199 for the Berlin Bombshells!

It was a hard battle and close call for both teams! A special thank you to the Kallio Rolling Rainbows – it was our pleasure as always!


We gave it our all in Berlin and now we want to do the same in Florida. Please support us on our journey!

It´s a long way to Miami and going by float is sadly not an option.
Every donation counts, regardless of the amount!
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