Off we go to the WFTDA Championships!

Off we go to Nashville, TN – The Berlin Bombshells are heading to the WFTDA Championships from 29th october to 3rd november!

All good things come in threes.
The Bombshells made it to the 2014 WFTDA Championships!
Did you think that the Bombshells were tired of their successes? Far from it, as they want to prove that they are capable of so much more!

After a successful tournament in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, which enabled the first ever continental European Derby team to be able to take part at a WFTDA playoff, we made our way to Kitchener-Waterloo, Ontario. There unbelievably we achieved second place – we won silver! As a result of this we qualified for the WFTDA Championships in Nashville, Tennessee.

A variety of teams from both divisions who managed to qualify will meet here. We are one of four teams from Division 2 who were able to qualify to go to Nashville. The best team will be able to rise to the top here. The tournaments in Fort Lauderdale and Kitchener-Waterloo showed that European derby shouldn’t be underestimated. In contrast to our insatiable hunger, our wallets, piggy banks, loan sharks, friends, families, and pawn shops are becoming increasingly sparse. We just about managed to finance our last trip on a tightrope budget, but this trip we don’t even have a rope to speak of.

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