Bear City Junior Derby

Do you like to skate, are you between 7 and 17 years old, a team player and not afraid to fall? Bear City Junior Derby will suit you perfectly.

After we initiated the first Junior Derby school project in Germany in 2014, we now want to provide this great sport on a club level, too.

What is Roller Derby?

Roller Derby is a team sport on roller skates, played counter-clockwise on an oval track. Two teams consisting of 14 players compete against each other. Five players from each team are on the track at the same time. One player of each team can score points by lapping the opponents as often as possible within two minutes. They get one point per lapped opponent. The other players try to hinder the opposing scoring player or help their own. Legal contact is limited to the hips, shoulders and the front of the upper body. Illegal game play includes grabbing, hitting with the elbows, tripping or skating into someone’s back. After two minutes, the teams can substitute the five players on track. The game lasts 2 x 30 minutes.

The rule set for Junior Derby is adapted to children’s needs and skills. E.g. blocking is limited to passive physical contact. Games are played within two age groups: 6 to 12 and 12 to 18 years. This division is reasonable and possible, because Roller Derby can be played successfully with all body types and sizes, thus keeping the competition fair.

Why Roller Derby is a great sport for children:

Among physical aspects like balance, spatial awareness, flexibility and endurance, Roller Derby teaches children social skills like dealing with resistances, respect, cooperation, fairness, “sportswomanship”, perseverance, sense of responsibility and confidence. This is why Roller Derby is an ideal sport for young girls.

Training times: every sunday
for girls and boys from 7 to 17.

You’ll need:
Roller skates, helmet, elbow, knee and wrist guards (it is possible to rent the equipment, please specify when registering)

Sports club fees:
Annually 120€ + 50€ rental fee for equipment for 6 months


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